As the name suggests, the bio-ethanol fireplace burns bio-ethanol. The liquid bio-ethanol is stored in a firing tray and is used as a gel or paste in cans in the bio-ethanol fireplace. Once ignited, you can extinguish bio-ethanol by interrupting the air supply. Ethanol fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular in households. Below are some advantages of bio-ethanol fireplaces.

No chimney, but a lot of freedom

An ethanol fireplace does not need a smoke vent, since bio-ethanol does not produce soot or smoke when burned; making it totally mobile. This is an absolute advantage that you are not tied to a specific location and can also set up the fireplace in the middle of the room – at least the standing fireplaces. But you don’t need more than one free space on your wall chimney – effortless.

A mobile fireplace has even more advantages: you can decorate and move your room without having to take the fireplace into account. Just put it somewhere else or attach it, if necessary, fill the old holes in the wall, done. Even the next time you move to a new apartment or a new house: pack your fireplace and take it with you: great, right?

No dangerous gases

Burning ethanol does not produce any hazardous gases – in contrast to burning wood. Therefore, no chimney and no approval from the chimney sweep is required. The bio-ethanol fuel is so clean that only water and carbon dioxide are produced after burning, and only in minimal quantities.

No ashes in your apartment

A fuel as clean as bio-ethanol has even more advantages: there is no ash as an organic remnant of the fire, which is happy to be distributed in your living room. This has another plus point for ethanol fireplaces: when you burn them beforehand, no soot settles on your wall or ceiling. Some soot may only form in the chimney itself – at the points where the flame comes into contact with the housing or the burner.

Easy operation

While you have to chop or buy wood for a conventional fireplace, transport it home by car and perhaps with a rented trailer, unload it and also have to store it somewhere – none of this is necessary with an ethanol fireplace. You can either buy the required bio-ethanol in litre bottles at the hardware store around the corner or order bio-ethanol online without any effort. To use the fireplace, pour the liquid ethanol into the burner, taking the maximum amount into account, and ignite it. Within a few minutes, a beautiful fire with a play of flames develops. You can already spend your evening by the fireplace, bring your loved ones to it or receive your guests by the fireplace. It couldn’t be easier, can it?


Apart from producing warmth, bio-ethanol fireplaces are more appealing than conventional fireplaces and therefore can apply as decorations. The fireplace is mountable on different surfaces, even on coffee tables.

In conclusion, bio-ethanol fireplaces are more efficient compared to conventional wood-burning fireplaces.