SAP implementation refers to the totality of methods which describes a correct way to deploy the SAP ERP business resource planning applications into an organization. This article talks about some tips on how to do this, which may not be of much help to people who are just starting their journey with SAP but may prove to be very helpful in the long run. The tips are mostly about how to use the tools that will be required to successfully manage an SAP implementation.

The first of the tips deals with the use of some popular accounting packages, which may help to get a better view of the ERP implementation process. This includes the popular suites. You can download the free version from the SAP website and use it to get a complete overview of all the processes involved in ERP implementation and to make necessary decisions. The next tip is related to a specific problem that a team may encounter at the beginning. The team should think about some typical scenarios like the need to update the application, which may help them to determine what exactly needs to be updated in order to ensure smooth ERP migration.

The third tip deals with the creation of a training video. This will be very useful for the team when they have to train new employees who will be taking part in the implementation process. It will also help the team to explain the process step by step to those employees who are not familiar with such processes. SAP has released several training videos recently to cope with this need. All these tips will certainly prove to be very useful to any company as they deal with the entire process of SAP implementation.