Europe is almost every traveller’s dream destination. There are so many things to see, experience, and be a part of that Europe becomes the first place on the bucket list for every travel lover worldwide. So if you are planning a trip to Europe anytime soon, we’ve got you covered with the 6 must-visit places in the country.

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Let’s now get into the 6 best places in Europe that you must have in your European itinerary.

  1. Paris

The capital city of France is the fashion capital of the world. So, if you are fond of brands and like shopping then Paris could be the best place to visit in Europe. Not only is it amazing for shoppers but Paris is also a lot about museums, monuments, and great cuisine. So, spend a quiet evening beside the Eiffel Tower or roam around the magnificent Luxembourg Gardens. In Paris, you will never be bored of the places.

Top Tip: If you wish to experience the best of Paris, explore the city on public transports.

  1. London

The capital city of England is probably the most visited destination in Europe and rightfully so. London will offer you a mix of ancient architecture and modernity. Whether you pay a visit to the British Museum or take a tour around the city, you are sure to get astonished with what London has to offer.

Top Tip: Always book your stay and tickets in advance to avail of the best prices, and do not forget to carry an umbrella when you are out and about the city as London rains are unpredictable.

  1. Barcelona

Barcelona in Spain is one of the architectural wonders of Europe. So whether you wish to relax by the beach or take a tour around the churches, you will love every bit of this European destination. And if you wish to enjoy local cuisine at its best, do not miss out on paying a visit to the Boqueria Market for the best tapas.

Top Tip: If you wish to save time and money, book guided tours in advance and avoid standing in lines to book tickets on the spot.

  1. Florence

Florence in Italy boasts of top-class museums, spectacular architecture, and mouth-watering delectables. When in Florence, you must visit Michelangelo’s David at the Galleria dell’Accademia. Stroll through the beautiful city and get the stunning river views from the Ponte Vecchio. First, however, do not forget to climb to the top of the Duomo, which is one of the most recognisable attractions in Florence.

Top Tip: To enjoy the best local cuisines, head straight to Mercato Centrale Firenze sit down for a yummy, cheesy pizza or gelato at a local pleasant outdoor eatery.

  1. Swiss Alps

Swiss Alps is situated in the southern part of Zurich in Switzerland and offers breathtaking views of the snow-clad mountains. Explore the stunning lakes, enigmatic ancient towns, and enjoy beautiful local sceneries. However, once you are there, do not miss out on enjoying their hot cheesy fondue!

Top Tip: You can drink water straight from the taps as Switzerland is the only place worldwide with the cleanest tap water. Do not spend money on buying packaged water bottles.

  1. Amsterdam

The capital of the Netherland is a vibrant city which every traveller to Europe should visit. To explore the best of Amsterdam, take a biking tour around the locales. If you are planning a trip with your family, you can enjoy a family picnic with them in Vondelpark. Also, you can take a boating tour along the canals for a relaxing day.

Top Tip: Renting a bike would be best to roam around Amsterdam. Also, remember not to take pictures in the famous red-light area of Amsterdam as it’s prohibited by the law.


Visiting Europe could be an experience of a lifetime. However, if you plan a trip to Europe anytime soon, do not forget to keep the places mentioned above in your itinerary. But before you travel to any of the places, it is advisable to have adequate travel insurance in place. This is important because in case you face any kind of financial difficulties during the trip, you can make a travel insurance claim and enjoy the benefits of its coverage even in a foreign land.

So, do not miss out on buying a travel policy before your departure. This will ensure that you have a financially safe and secured trip to Europe. You can also use the travel insurance calculator available on the website of insurers like Tata AIG to calculate the premium that you need to pay.