The Safari Blue in Zanzibar is the perfect occasion to get to know Zanzibar on a deeper level, both literally and figuratively. We are talking, of course, about the pristine coral reef in Fumba, around 7 kilometers from Stone Town, one of the highlights of this one-day trip, which also includes sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, meeting the very friendly dolphins, and enjoying local food & drinks (fish, slipper lobster, calamari, rice, local snacks, as well as tropical fruits, ice-cold sodas, local liqueur, etc.). However, in the following, we will focus on coral reefs.

This underwater ecosystem can be considered a national treasure on the wonderful island in the Indian Ocean, due to its beauty, as well as the fact that it’s almost untouched. The two words that best characterize the coral reef are color and diversity, as you will see below. If you are a fan of exotic places and adventures, then the Safari Blue Zanzibar tour is tailor-made for you. If you choose a professional travel agency, with extensive experience and respect for tourists, you will create memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Without further ado, here are some of the most important marine species you will encounter inside and around coral reef, during the Safari Blue in Zanzibar excursion: Needlespine urchin, Starfish, Cabbage coral, Orange-fin anemonefish or clownfish (better known as Nemo), Giant clam, Moorish idols, Anemonefish, Wrasse (a pearly fish), Paracanthurus hepatus or surgeonfish. If you are an expert in the field, you will most certainly recognize all the above-mentioned species, and, if you’re not, you will at least appreciate the extremely wide range of colors and shapes of this natural wonder, hidden just beneath the water, in the Menai Bay Conservation Area.

Later during the Safari Blue in Zanzibar, you will head to a place where you will meet two endemic species of dolphins: the Indo-Pacific humpback and the Bottlenose. They are widely considered the most social and accustomed to people species in the area, and you can admire them in all their glory, in their natural habitat. If you love animals, cherish them, and want to witness their majesty, while also protecting them, this is the perfect end of the trip for you. Not only you will have one of the best days of your holiday in Africa, but you will also be part of a moment that you will remember for all your life.

If you choose Zanzibar Tour Guide, a travel agency with over 18 years of experience, you will be accompanied by very professional guides, who speak your language, and very careful drivers, in modern, air-conditioned vehicles. They provide hotel transfer (pick-up & drop-off) and 100% security, a guarantee that is very appreciated by all tourists who choose Africa. Therefore, don’t use the time spent on the island just for sunbathing and swimming, but also choose something much more interesting, such as the Safari Blue in Zanzibar one-day trip!