Working in a cam studio can be very exciting, especially for young women who want to build a good, independent life. As a model, though, you still have to make choices that can make your job easier or harder. One of the most common dilemmas for models is the one regarding the type of shifts that they should be doing.

Lexy, a young woman working as a model, asked on a private forum if she should start by working a day shift, a night shift, an 8-hour shift, or a 12-hour shift. Many young women who want to build a career in webcam modeling ask themselves the same questions. It is time to find out what is the most realistic answer.

Members should be your priority, in webcam modeling

Working for a non-adult cam studio will help you realize that your working schedule has to be the one that fits best the members’ needs and preferences. As a non-adult model, you do not have to get involved in any sexual acts, but you need to put in the effort to convince the members to stay in private sessions with you for as long as possible.

As a model, the way you are able to make members interested is what defines your activity. It is not about schedules or shifts, as a professional studio such as Studio 20 – will allow you to choose any preferred time slots. You do not have to worry about working day shifts or night shifts. The main objective in webcam modeling is to have loyal and invested members.

Your challenge is to find the schedule that works best for you and them at the same time. You also need to take care of your conversational skills and the ability to understand your members and provide them with the conversations and empathy that they are looking for. Once you find the ideal mix, you can set up a nice schedule.

How long should you stay online?


In terms of the length of a shift, many women working in webcam modeling ask themselves if working for 12 hours is better than working for only 8 hours. The first option allows you to stay with your members for longer and it gives you enough time to build strong relationships. The downside of it is that you can get tired.

A tired model cannot be as excited, patient, and empathic as a well-rested one. This is why starting on the 8-hour shifts might be a good solution. You could increase the hours gradually, once you feel ready to work more hours.

Working in webcam modeling is a fantastic idea if you are highly professional, ambitious, and determined to build a great future. There are a lot of advantages. You do not need to have prior experience. Advancing can happen very quickly and a nice, independent life is ready for you at any time.

Being a webcam model will allow you to gain independence from your parents. You will make money without being stuck into a 9 to 5 regular job. But it is essential to be up for the challenge, take your chances in a smart way and invest time and energy in becoming better day after day.