A cursory glance at the retail world as it presents today would unveil a massive push toward analytics, convenience, and enhanced customer experiences. The rise of the COVID-19 pandemic and its corresponding impact on the world’s economies only furthered the point: the retail industry was changing forever.

Queue management has become a centralized topic of discussion for companies of every industry and sector since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ushered on by a need to socially distance, many businesses are maintaining these new queue management practices even after social distancing measures have been scaled back. The reason for this is simple: queue management systems like those provided by Ombori Grid have empowered retail outlets to make better decisions.

Queue Management and the Ombori Grid

Take a poll at any retail outlet and you’ll likely find that the number one factor in regard to customer expectation is price followed closely by wait times. Simply put, nobody likes spending more money than they have to nor do they want to spend more time in line than they must.

The COVID-19 pandemic made online ordering and its convenience a central subject and now retail outlets are being asked to replicate its benefits in physical locations, as well. Let’s take a closer look to see how these benefits can be put in place in your brick-and-mortar retail outlet through digital queue management.

Key Features

  • Analytics
  • Custom Design and User Interface
  • Employee Performance Dashboard
  • Simple Digital Signage Integration
  • Custom Feedback Forms

How Does Ombori Grid’s Queue Management Help?

Putting an elaborate queue management system into place can feel intimidating, to say the least. With that being understood, Ombori Grid puts all of the power your business needs into a single convenient service. The queue management system by Ombori Grid replicates digital convenience from the confines of your brick-and-mortar establishment.

Customers have more options as they browse through your store thanks to virtual check-ins and online queue tracking. Instead of waiting in line while growing increasingly frustrated, customers can freely roam until they are alerted to return to the line. Shoppers that feel free to browse will be less likely to turn their boredom into frustration while they wait in line.

Businesses can also expect to increase revenue through targeted notifications. Transparency and a prevalence of information will help your customers make informed choices, often leading to additional purchases or enhanced services. Targeted notifications can leap from the queue management system all the way to texts and emails, all made possible because of the centralized hub.

Finally, analytics through queue management systems can guide your company with regard to staffing decisions, making the job easier for everyone from the newest part-time employee all the way to the store management team. Convenient retail analytics are accrued and sourced daily for convenient intake at a later time. Track the ebbs and flows of your industry while catering to your clients with enhanced experiences.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/OuKBpYTWLu4