These days a good online presence is essential to land new clients, supplying and advertising your services and products. Websites for tradies help the landscapers, plumbers, electricians build their presence online. The best way to start is by building a website.

 Below are some tips that will help you start and continue this journey.

  • How to choose a reliable website builder

When considering a reliable website builder, you should consider what kind of website you are creating, what kind of service and products you are offering and what kind of functionality would work for you.

The following are factors that will help you to choose the best website builder for you

  • Software features

There is much software in the market, but all present have different functionality. Some offer simplicity, excellent Photo editing tools and others offer good shopping cart solutions.

  • Templates

A template is a large part of a website, and as you can tell, it’s really important. It consists of menus, colours, photos, messages and other background elements. The best website builder should have lots of options of the above to choose from, and also, the quality should be top-notch.

  • Costs and whether to pay.

To decide whether you are going to pay or not depends and how much control you want on your website and the size of your business.

The free website platfom options available might not satisfy your need for the website.

    ● Brands.

The brand behind your website should also be commendable. It’s good to research the brand’s credibility before using it to establish your website. Brands like SEO sunshine coast have established their credibility by winning multiple awards and helping businesses establish an online presence.

  • Google

You might be wondering what Google has to do with it. Most of your clients will most likely find you through Google. You will therefore need a site that has solid SEO (search engine optimization) in place. This helps the clients find you faster when they search for you.

After you have decided on a website builder and already have your website up and running, here are some additional tips to help you maintain it for easy running.

  • Consistency

Every person who has made it of their field will tell you will need to be consistent with your brand. Your brand includes the colour, font, images and logo.

Brand consistency will help the clients’ relationship with your brand stay on your site much longer.

  • Brand identity

To get the clients on your side and relate to the product or service, you will need a brand message or mission statement. You also have to make sure the brand message relates to your target audience.

  • Communication

Open the communication between you and your customers. You will get to get direct feedback from your consumers about the services. Study shows that 44% of website users will leave the site if no contact method is found.


When running a business, it’s really important to have an online presence, and the best way for that is to have a website.