If you are someone who is looking to grow and develop your business in the long run, it is absolutely important that you choose over reliable and professional services at best suits your business needs. Virtual receptionist is the one who attends to your business calls and answers call promptly. When you are outside your office owing to a meeting or on an emergency work, these virtual receptionists would answer your calls and ensure to keep you informed about the same. For a business to grow, each and every call matters and one should never miss out on a business calls. The calls need to be attended and channelized to the right place and this is exactly what the virtual receptionist would do.


Conversational.com provides for the best and professional virtual receptionist services for almost all types and kinds of business, be it small or large. It ensures to provide for live call answering service, making outbound calls and send the call information in the form of text to your mobile devices. It provides for a customized call handling option to fit your business. Each call type, staff member, or department will have their own unique set of call handling instructions, thereby ensuring efficiency and also absolute ease of use for each and everyone.

Appointment booking and reminders

Conversational.com team can schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments for you, by way of using your current scheduling software. Once the changes are made, the schedule will instantly show the changes made, you will be up to date. It also helps handling intrusive calls that waste your time considerably. It uses advanced calls screening option to handle salespeople and telemarketers. The virtual receptionist would handle the calls in a professional way and friendly manner, thereby helping you to achieve your business goals with ease.