There are few places in life where we are supposed to find comfort as often as our own home. For many people, building the perfect oasis away from work and other distractions can be as entertaining as it is fulfilling.

Keter is a longstanding leader in sustainable manufacturing as they’ve built business relationships through recycling partnerships, environmentally friendly practices for sourcing materials, and an open and transparent approach to their consumption practices. Building better products based on sustainable practices has long been the Keter difference, and that didn’t change with the launch of its Lakeside Collection.

Keter Introduces Sustainable Lakeside Collection

Keter’s CEO Alejandro Pena stated, “Every single day, our employees rise to the occasion.”

Pena is, of course, touting his employees thanks to their efforts in developing great products through sustainable practices, all while complying with governance, societal, and environmental regulations.

A leading supplier of resin-based products, Keter’s Lakeside Collection is a continuation of what has made the company so popular for so long. The collection features Adirondack-style seating arrangements that bridge the gap between modern design and outdoor functionality.

Pena said of his team’s development, “They believe the future is bright and that together we can build a better company and, most importantly, a better world for future generations.”

The chairs developed for the Lakeside Collection come available in six options with a variety of colors and styles. The chairs themselves are made from LumberTech which is a high-performance material that eliminates splinters entirely. Additionally, the chairs are protected by SunGuard technology to make them completely climate-resistant.

Rounding out the Lakeside Collection, Keter’s team touted the Premium Lakeside Round Outdoor Side Table as well as the Rockford Outdoor Trash Can. Pena also touts the exorbitant Keter catalog, pointing to other products fit for outdoor settings such as the Keter Patio Cooler and Beverage Cart.

How Sustainable Practices Make a Difference

Keter Group was launched over 75 years ago in the country of Israel. Based in the Middle East, Keter garnered a reputation for developing sustainable solutions from resin-based materials. With unbeatable prices, it wasn’t long until Keter was launching its product lines in new locations around the world.

According to the team at Keter, Pena and his company have designed their products to last a lifetime while offering 100% recyclable sustainability. In addition to this exceptional work, Keter also plans to increase the recycled materials used within its products to 55% by the year 2025, a jump from 41.8% in 2022.

The Lakeside Collection developed by Keter is designed to be functional within 15 minutes of reception, giving customers access to products that are readily available and functionally sustainable.