Whenever a person loses a tooth, it can be stressful. It can be depressing and cause loss of self-esteem due to distorted appearance.  Regardless of the cause, it is vital to know your options regarding dentures or dental implants. Before visiting Utah oral surgeon, it is critical to have background information on the procedure to know what is suitable for you.

Finding the Right Solution

There are several factors to consider when looking to find the best solution to missing teeth. Whether it is the cost, taste, or jaw structure, it is crucial to have an in-depth discussion with your dentist first. The number of teeth you have will also determine the best option for you. Let us look at the purpose of dentures and dental implants;

The Similarities

There are several similarities you can find between dentures and dental implants. Both dental procedures serve the same purpose. It will be challenging to chew food if you do not have enough teeth. Dentures and dental implants will enhance a person’s facial appearance by giving them a good smile. It boosts self-esteem and improves speech, mostly if the patient is missing the front teeth. The procedures will also help in aligning facial muscles.


Despite your jaw bone structure, denturesteeth that you can remove. They are prosthetic andfit well when missing a few or many of your teeth. A dentist will need to create a jaws model depending on the side you want to fix. The medical practitioner will also look at how the lower and upper jaws align together. By checking the biting strength of your jaws, an oral surgeon will know how to undertake the procedure and enhance your chewing capabilities.

The initial dentures will be just a design of the real thing, and a surgeon will have you wear it to determine if it needs adjustments. It allows the designers to make changes before you get the product. It uses adhesive to hold onto the gums, and they are not easily detectable to other people.


The procedure involves fixing the missing teeth using an implant that resembles the lost ones. Aging adults are ordinary users of dental implants. It involves removing the root if there is damage to the top side, leaving the lower part in the jaws. After removing the root, a surgeon will drill a hole into space and put another prosthetic one. Once the bone starts to hold the new root in place, it is ideal for a dentist to put the crown as a cap above the jaws.Dental implants are metallic, and it may take months to complete the procedure and heal completely. Take it step by step with your dentist for a successful procedure.


Whether you select dentures or implants, it is critical to maintaining good oral hygiene. It eliminates the risks of developing complications during the treatment process and improves oral health. A dentist will help you know the risks of each procedure, and you need to be careful in the decision you made.