When vaping first began, the choices were limited unless you were into creating your own vape juice. Nowadays, however, there are a plethora of options. It is possible to pick between free base, nicotine salts, flavours, shortfalls, and other options.

In many respects, this is a positive development. Because of the various alternatives accessible, vaping may suit the demands of a greater number of people. In addition, when you first start vaping, it might be perplexing!

Look at the Nicotine Strength

The majority of vapers select nicotine doses that are too mild to properly transition. It is important to remember that the highest nicotine concentration authorised in the UK is 2 percent, which is far lower than the 5 percent levels supplied in the US.

If you smoke 15-20 cigarettes a day or more, it’s advisable to use the strongest e-liquid you can find, usually 18mg in a 10ml container, to get the most out of your e-cigarette. If you smoke less or like light/mild cigarettes, you may be able to reduce the nicotine dosage to 1.2 percent. However, if you find that vaping is not working for you, you will most likely want a stronger nicotine concentration.

In general, greater nicotine levels are preferable when you first start vaping. However, many vapers progressively reduce their nicotine concentrations over time.

Want to Blow Large Clouds of Vapour?

If you want to produce greater clouds of vapour, short-fills will be your best e-juice option. Short-fills are bigger bottles of e-liquid that have a place at the top of the bottle where you may add a nicotine shot if you so choose.

Short-fills typically feature a greater VG to PG ratio. The VG is in charge of the clouds, but keep in mind that you’ll only be able to utilise them with more sophisticated kits. This is because the battery must give more power, and the coil in your tank must be designed to manage both the increased power and the thicker e-liquid.

Choose the Flavour

Since the flavour is so individual and the best method to discover your own unique flavour is through experimentation, we will not elaborate on it more in this section. However, it is important to note that, while many smokers begin with a tobacco flavour, data shows that smokers who begin with a non-tobacco flavour are more likely to be successful in quitting smoking altogether.

Even if you enjoy smoking, it’s good to start experimenting with flavours that aren’t tobacco-based right away.