Efficient use of Google Workspace (formally known as G Suite) can up your workflow efficiency in a matter of moments. On top of its multitude of different services, Google Workspace can clear the way for effective communication among teams.

How does it work?

Google Docs

This starts with Google Docs and its ability to aid collaboration between colleagues and provide clear communication via its note option, where comments can be left and found by other members of the document. Google Docs allows 10 people to be actively editing a document, whilst up to 200 people can view it at one time. The multiple options within this one subsection of Google Workspace mean that projects can be created and finalised without the delays that may come from email communication.

A great feature of Google Workspace is that it allows users to view and edit Microsoft files, even if they don’t have Office installed. This makes editing and sending documents incredibly quick across the board, ensuring members of the team are all looking at the same version of a document.


Another way to ensure efficient communication between members of a workspace is to create a team calendar. If your team works from a variety of different timezones, or just has differing schedules, a mutual calendar is a great way to cross-reference when individuals can meet. Google Calendar also provides the option to input your working hours, meaning that those who can see your schedule are aware of when you may be commuting or generally unavailable outside of office hours.

In addition, Google Calendar can also provide you with notifications to remind you of scheduled events. This, alongside a daily agenda sent straight to your inbox, ensures that you know exactly what the layout of your day is going to look like and you can then prepare as you see fit.

Google Keep

Efficient organisation can be achieved via the use of Google Keep. With a variety of different ways to identify both personal notes and notes (colour coding, folders etc.) that pertain to specific meetings, Google Keep will aid in the consistent rise in overall team efficiency and increase work ethic.

Google Chat and Google Meet

Google Workspace also comes with the addition of Google Chat and Google Meet, two online communication tools that can expand and speed up your Workflow. Google Meet can be used as a way to work with members of staff in separate time zones, or members of staff who are currently away from their desks. If you’re working in a fairly fast-paced work environment, Google Chat is an effective way of communicating across your business.

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