Why do windows get dirty?

1. Atmospheric pollution

Causes. Life in a big city, like everything in the world, has its pros and cons. And, of course, one of the main disadvantages is the low level of ecology, especially air pollution. You can be sure of this – dust falls on the windows just in an instant. Buildings along major highways are especially susceptible to this misfortune. Exhaust gases, smog, soot, products of combustion of coal and fuel oil – cover the glass with a dense layer. If you do not wash them for a long time, the dirt accumulates, becomes oily, without the use of powerful chemicals, such windows can no longer be washed.

Tools and technology. How to clean dirty windows without streaks, quickly and easily? It would seem that washing windows is the simplest job. But everything takes skill. Most of all, the result is influenced by the tool used. Housewives often manage with one rag – but it is difficult to avoid divorces, and the process is long. Imagine if glass skyscrapers are washed with a cloth – it will be possible to hang there with it for ages. The most effective washing tools are a fur coat and a slip, with which the issue of cleaning dirty window panes will be resolved. A fur coat is a soft brush that is put on something like a mop with a short handle. Skliz is the professional name for a rubber band. Of course, cheap household tools will not provide the quality of work and speed. It is better to buy professional ones once. Although they are expensive, they will last a lifetime, they are not subject to aging. Or you can order residential window cleaning from professionals, they already have everything necessary for this work.

If you have a tool, the work comes down to two simple steps:

  • Thoroughly lather and wash the window glass with a fur coat
  • Drive away dirty water with slime

Facilities. How to clean dirty glass? Professional detergents are the best at removing atmospheric pollution. It happens that a very dirty window is not washed at a time, and the procedure has to be done two or three times. But there is such old dirt that only “heavy artillery” takes. In particular, old glasses that have not been washed for several years are poorly washed. Be sure to wear gloves before work!

2. Post construction pollution

Causes. Construction and repair is such a thing that you can’t get anything dirty. If the windows were not protected with a film during the repair, some building materials will definitely fall on them. There’s nothing to be done here, the builders think about the work, and not about the cleanliness of the glass. How to clean window glass from building dirt? First you need to figure out what types of pollution remain after repair.

Post construction window cleaning

Tools for removing various materials:

  • Dye. How to wash window glass from paint? If you have been painting and a drop has fallen on the glass, it is best to leave it to dry. Dried paint is easy to remove with a scraper (blade holder). Before that, lather the window, the paint will be removed easier.
  • Acrylic primer. The transparent primer is completely invisible when it hits the windows. But over time, it collects dust and becomes visible. It’s not that easy to deal with it. There is no point in solvents, they do not take acrylic. How then to clean dirty windows? And the primer dissolves with plain water. Wet the surface and let it soak. You can put a wet rag on a horizontal plane. Next, use a scraper or a new spatula. This is not a quick job, but with effort the primer will come off.
  • Mounting foam. Foam can be easily scraped off smooth glasses with a scraper. But if the foam got on the window sill or frames, the matter becomes more complicated. Dried foam is no longer cleaned with a solvent.
  • Silicone or acrylic sealant. Acrylic or silicone sealant can only be removed mechanically from window glass. Use a scraper.
  • Putty and plaster. Wet the window, then carefully remove the materials with a new spatula. Why new? Its surface is still perfectly smooth and does not contain scratches. Removes almost any building dirt with ease.
  • Drops of metal from a grinder or welding. All you can do is scrape off the dark metal particles. Drops will remain the same. The structure of the glass is damaged, the only thing to do is to change the double-glazed window.
  • Scotch. Cleaning dirty windows from tape stains is quite simple. Tear off or peel off the tape. There will be glue left. It must be wetted, then removed with a scraper.

How to wash windows from water stone?

The consequence of a violation of the drainage system on the facade is a water stone. When water constantly flows in one place, dries up and reappears, the minerals and salts present in the water are deposited on the surface. How to wash dirty window glass in this case? A folk method is ammonia (it really helps). The last method is mechanical cleaning and polishing. But first of all, you need to take care of eliminating the leak.

How to wash dirty glass if the window does not open?

It happens that some shutters on the windows do not open. Climbing out of the window to wash the closed part is a risky business (especially if it happens at a height), and sometimes even some areas cannot be reached from the inside.

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