In addition to daily and deep cleaning, specialists also distinguish seasonal house cleaning. It is held twice a year – in spring and autumn, i.е. when summer replaces winter and vice versa, when winter replaces summer, that is, in spring and autumn. This is not just a need to clean up, but a change in lifestyle due to the changed weather. Therefore, tasks that need to be done only twice a year are added to the usual deep cleaning tasks.

The need to restore order during the change of seasons is dictated by the fact that significant changes are taking place in our lives associated with the arrival of cold weather or summer heat. Seasonal house cleaning has its own characteristics, which we will discuss in this article.

What you need to know about seasonal house cleaning

Seasonal house cleaning can be compared to best deep cleaning – it is necessary to put everything in order, wash everything, wash windows. But she has her own characteristics:

  • In the spring, when washing windows, it is necessary to remove the dust and dirt accumulated over the winter on the eaves and ebbs. After the window is washed, mosquito nets can be installed. Plastic windows are transferred to the summer mode of pressing the shutters.
  • In autumn, mosquito nets are removed from the windows and, after washing, the window is insulated. Metal-plastic windows are transferred to the winter mode of pressing the sashes.
  • Before the onset of cold weather, you need to wash the radiators.
  • During cleaning, clothes and shoes for the upcoming season are placed in more accessible and convenient places in the closets. Those things that will no longer be needed are washed, cleaned, shoes are washed and dried well and sent for storage in cabinets and drawers until the new onset of the corresponding season.

Before starting work, you need to draw up a consistent plan of your actions. Since there is a considerable list of work to be done, you will need to break the process into several days.

Sequence of actions of seasonal house cleaning

Putting things in order when changing seasons will take more time and it is better to break all the work into several stages, the approximate sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Tidying up closets. This is an important element of seasonal cleaning. It is necessary to sort out all things and send warm clothes to the far corners. Put in its place those things that will be needed in spring and summer. We also wash, dry and hide winter shoes in cupboards and drawers, and take out shoes for the spring and summer seasons. In the fall, we do everything the same way, only we hide the summer things and take out the winter ones.
  • Audit in the pantry. If you have stocks of homemade canned food and other foods, you should inspect them to find out what you still have left. Perhaps something needs to be sorted out, something to be used in the near future. If spoiled products are found, they must be thrown away.
  • We put the documents in order. During the season, some receipts, checks, etc. may accumulate. They should be reviewed and put in the designated storage area or thrown away if there is no need to store them.
  • Checking home appliances. Dishwasher, washing machine, microwave need cleaning. It may be necessary to contact the service department to correct any malfunctions. From time to time, household appliances need to be replaced. It is better to time this with seasonal cleaning.
  • Spring-cleaning. When the seasons change, it necessarily includes window washing. In spring and autumn, metal-plastic windows must be adjusted in accordance with the coming season. Mosquito nets are installed for the summer period, and they are removed for the winter. Be sure to wash all the chandeliers and shades. Curtains are either laundered or dry-cleaned. It is also necessary to clean carpets and upholstered furniture. In the kitchen, bathroom and toilet, it is necessary to carry out preventive cleaning of plumbing drains. In the kitchen, the hood must be cleaned of accumulated dirt.

Cleaning of rooms is carried out in the following sequence: first, the bedrooms are cleaned, then the living room, after which they start cleaning the kitchen and hallway. Cleaning of the bathroom and toilet rooms is completed. It is better to leave these rooms for last, because it is here that you will have to collect clean water all the time, pour out dirty water, rinse rags, etc.

Since the list of things that need to be done is quite large, it is better to make a plan before starting work. Moving from point to point, you will not miss anything, and the apartment will delight you with cleanliness and freshness.

Everyone wants to keep their home clean and tidy, but not everyone has the time and energy to do so. There is a solution – entrust the cleaning of an apartment or house to a professional company! Experts will do everything quickly and efficiently, and at this time you will be able to do your own thing.