Here are the tips of what you should consider when dressing to go to church, wedding, party, beach, parks, someone’s home, on the street, at work, wake among others.

First of all, you should keep in mind that the clothes say a lot about you and your style, nobody who has a more classic taste, who likes poetry, literature and who listens to an opera will dress in a Gothic way is meaningless.

 1 – At Work: Generally, in the work environment, uniforms are used, but if you do not have uniforms, as soon as you are hired, the company will pass the restrictions when it comes to dressing, and usually necklines, shorts, miniskirts, short dresses, heavy makeup, nails with strong and vibrant colors, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings must be discreet, clothes with vibrant colors and transparency, among others, are the things that should be avoided. Some companies prohibit women from wearing skirts, especially if there are men in the same work environment; they prefer women to wear baggy pants.

 At work, you should wear: Neutral colors, well-done nails with light colors, light makeup, hair with discreet hairstyles without embellishments and sparkles, no necklines and transparencies, blouses with tighter collars, skirts, and dresses from the knee down, more trousers wide or tight with an oversized blouse that covers the hips. Small and discreet accessories in size and shine, shoes with small heels.

 2 – In The Church: In a worship environment, the focus should be on God and not on you, so avoid skirts and dresses that are too tight to your body, especially if you have the typical body – breasts and a big butt. Give preference to knee-length skirts and dresses, without transparencies, necklines, avoid hollow sleeves that, when lifting your arm, your armpits and parts of the breasts on the side are left out, also consider wholesale church suit. Flashy colors like neon avoid using, and makeup should be light as natural as possible, soft perfumes, nails with basic colors, or even nothing. Be discreet, and there is a place of worship and not a fashion show. You are a servant of God and not a model.

3 – At The Home Of Family And Friends: In these cases, light and stripped clothes depending on the season you are looking for, but let’s think about summer and winter. Remember that you are at someone else’s house and not yours, so being naked is not an option; pants, T-shirts, blouses that cover the belly, sneakers, sneakers, skirts up to 3 fingers above the knee, and no transparency and necklines, it’s a great choice. Respect the environment; the house belongs to others, there will probably be men there, and being consumed with your eyes is not pleasant at all, right? So you enjoy the company of people without suffering any constraints.