One of the most recent advancements in the health sector is the laser. These machines are used to treat multiple health defects such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, haemorrhoids, cancer and more. They are also used in cosmetic procedures, like acne treatment, breast augmentation, tattoo removal and many more. Traditional laser surgeries are different from cosmetic procedures in many ways. If you need a laser procedure, your doctor will advise on the most suitable laser treatment.

Traditional laser Vs. Cosmetic laser surgery- What are the differences?

Laser surgery is a treatment that employs special light beams for surgical operations. These machines were introduced in 1960, but newer models have since come up, thanks to technology. These continue to impact the health sector in various ways and are now useful in the treatment of multiple ailments.

What surgeries require the use of lasers?

 Lasers are widely used to remove tumors and seal small blood vessels that prevent blood loss. Also, they are used to minimize swelling and limit the spread of tumors. Lasers also common in cancer treatment and are used in cancer surgeries

 Similarly, lasers are useful in cosmetic procedures. They are used in acne treatment, wrinkle removal, tattoo removal, birthmarks, cars and more. Due to the high demand for cosmetic laser procedures, you’ll find such lasers in most stores. For this reason, The Laser Trader stocks a wide variety of such machines and guides clients in choosing the best quality used lasers.

What are the different types of lasers for medical surgeries?

There are three major types of lasers used in medical surgeries. These include;

Carbon dioxide (CO2) laser– Transforms light energy into intense heat that minimizes bleeding as it cuts through body tissues.

Neodymium:yttrium-aluminum-garnet– This laser penetrates tissue deeply compared to other lasers. It helps in blood clotting and allows surgeons to work on body parts that could only be reached through invasive surgery.

Argon laser– This type of laser is commonly used for eye surgeries and superficial skin disorders. It offers limited penetration and uses light-sensitive dyes to dissolve or shrink tumors.

What types of lasers are used for cosmetic surgeries?

There are two main types of laser machines used in cosmetic procedures. These are the ablative and non-ablative lasers. Non-ablative lasers work deeply on skin layers and penetrate the underlying tissues without interfering with the top layers. On the other hand, ablative lasers work on the skin’s outer layer creating micro-wounds on the skin’s surface.

What are the benefits of cosmetic laser procedures?

Cosmetic surgeries are different from medical laser procedures. They help reinvigorate your skin from the inside out and restore the lost glow. They also tighten your skin, leaving you with younger-looking skin.

Moreover, some procedures take a relatively short time with no need to stay off work. They work better than topical acne treatments and offer permanent solutions to stubborn skin problems. Still, they help with unwanted tattoos and can help get rid of undesired tattoos and marks.

Final thoughts

There are various types of laser treatments, and all use different lasers. Traditional laser surgeries are performed for medical benefits, while cosmetic surgeries enhance your overall look. Nonetheless, all use quality laser machines, and it’s advisable to acquire high-quality lasers for both types of surgeries.